Electrical Tester

Electrical testers to be used on motors, generators, cables, or switch gear,the tester line is designed to be safe, simple to use and gimmick-free. A perfect solution for troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance applications.

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Multifunction Installation Tester DT-6650 rugged Multifunction...


Safe CAT IV-1000V rating and toolbox tough with rubber...

LA-1012 Cable...

The cable locator is a professional general purpose cable locator....

  • Earth Ground Tester

    It can be used for measurement of voltage AC, voltage DC and resistance.This instrument has wide application for testing earthing installation in power based industries, telecommunication networks and electrical traction systems etc.

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  • Loop/PSC Tester

    Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability,it is double molded plastic housing and CAT III 600V

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  • Cable Locator

    The cable locator is ideal for tracing cables in walls and underground, locating fuses/breakers on fi nal circuits and locating interruptions and short-circuits in cables and electrical floor heating systems.

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  • Magnet Space Tester

    Testing operating solenoid valves in pneumatic and hydraulic control equipment. Testing relays with coils and electrically controlled solenoid valves in all types of vehicles and machineries.

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  • Alcohol Tester

    Alcohol testers are used to determine whether or not a person has any alcohol in their breath. They use the fuelcell sensor, so thereading is impossible to be affected by anything in the subject's breath other than alcohol.

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