Real-time PCR FZ-100

FZ-100 is the latest real-time PCR instrument of CEM, which is mainly used in nucleic acid detection. FZ-100 is small, easy to operate, flexible, and equipped with 4-channel fluorescence channels; it can adapt to most nucleic acid reagents on the market, and can accurately detect a variety of pathogens and gene targets, with a wide range of application scenarios.



Project                                                            Index

Sample capacity                                            2 * 8 holes, 0.2ml single tube / 8 row tube, transparent tube

Sample volume                                             10-50uL

Touch screen                                                yes

Maximum rate of temperature rise and fall       6.0 ° C / S

Heating temperature range                             4-100°C

Temperature accuracy                                   ±0. 2@60 °C,±0.3° C@95 ° C

Temperature homogeneity                             ± 0.2 ° C

Fluorescent channel                                      Channel 1 FAM  Channel 2 VIC    Channel 3  ROX  Channel 4 CY5

Analysis method                                           CT value analysis, absolute quantitative analysis

Size(mm)                                                    250*285*190

Power output                                              15V/13.4A, input 100-240VAC

Heating Lid                                                 30-110°C

Sensitivity                                                   Single copy gene can be detected

Sample linearity                                          Correlation coefficient R > 0.999

Sample linear range                                    10 orders of magnitude

Consistency of test results                           CV<1%

WIFI                                                         yes

Interface                                                   USB2.0

Operating system                                       Android

Weight                                                      5kg

Small size, lightweight, not subject to the constraints of the site, it is very suitable for: hospital POCT, CDC, customs, Airport Quarantine, primary medical institutions, Mobile shelter, mobile laboratory, wild emergency detection, animal quarantine, food safety, scientific research, and teaching, etc

Hospital system

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Pet hospital

Experience Center

Food safety quarantine

Mobile shelter

Power output:15V/13.4A, input 100-240VAC

Real-time PCR FZ-100
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