Electrochemical Exhaust Ozone Concentration Detector for gas concentration detection in a variety of industrial environments and special environments, with imported electrochemical sensors and microcontrollers technology for fast response, high accuracy, stability and repeatability , Machine performance ranks the world's leading level, the parameters of the user can customize the settings, simple operation. Using 2.0-inch industrial color screen, the perfect display of the technical indicators and gas concentration values, you can view the historical data on the screen, with storage, data export, temperature and humidity detection and other functions.


imported electrochemical sensors and ultra-low power 32-bit microprocessors

2.0-inch industrial grade color screen with a resolution of 220x176

PPM, mg / m3 two units of concentration can be free to switch

has a data storage function, can store 5000 sets of data, you can view the historical data on

the screen, you can export data

with temperature and humidity detection function, can detect the site or the gas tempera-

ture and humidity within the pipeline

built-in powerful pumping device, can work in the micro-negative pressure environment

Automatic shutdown function

Bluetooth interface (99B)


Measuring Range




Air Temperature Range

-20 to 70

Humidity Range

0 to 100%RH


Suction, built-in powerful suction device, flow rate: 50-500mL /min adjustable, can work in the micro-negative environment

Response time




Storage mode

real-time storage, can store data of 5000 group,

you can view the historical data on the screen

Accessories : 3.7V Li-on battery, Clamshell.
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