8665 Infrared Temperature Finder is visiable for higher/lower temperature. It permits targeted scanning to find higher/lower temperature with continuous audible alarm. It provides faster sampling time and higher accuracy, widely applicant in industrial and environment field.

-Targeted scanning for higher/lower temperature
-The position of higher/lower temperature can be precisely found.
-Enables you to work with certainty for Fault diagnosis
-The Audible will alarm when temperature is changed with switchable audible of higher/lower temperature
-LCD display with new target graphics
-Easy keypad operatio


T-Sound: Changeable beeper indication by Temperature

User selectable ºC or ºF

Dual laser targeting

Automatic Data Hold

Auto Power Off

White Backlit LCD Display

Overrange indication

Trigger lock for continuous use

Max/Min display

20:1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances

Green, Red & Blue blacklight: Normal, Higher & Lower temperature indications


IR Temp. Range

-50ºC to 380ºC

-58ºF to 716ºF

IR Temp. Resolution



Fixed at 0.95

Temp. Basic Accuracy

±1.0% of reading

Response Time

Less than 150ms

Spectral Response


Cooling and Reheating
Serving areas
Food service Equipment
Cold storage
Accessories: 9V battery, Carrying case and Gift box.
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