Cable Length Tester

CLT-1000 cable length tester features high accuracy and fast reflection, which finds distance to using Time Domain Reflectometry


High accuracy and fast reflection.

User friendly menu on screen

Operation for easy-to use

Automatic output impedance control

Auto-Zero and Auto Range

Large TFT Color LCD Display

Auto-Sensitivity allows for closer matching to a wide range of cables under test. Only V.O.P. Settings required

Measuring capability of the V.O.P. of a sample cable

99 internal memory locations store up to 99 traces for future analysis

Size(HxWxD): 152mm x 61mm x 34mm

Weight: 230g


Minimum Range

pair cable or coaxial cable>5m, Single cable>10m

Maximum Range

Depends upon the V.O.P of the cables under test

3.0km @ V.O.P99.9%, 2.4km @ V.O.P80.0%

2.0km @ V.O.P66.0%, 1.5km @ V.O.P50.0%

Range Selection

Automatic range control


±(2% of reading + 10cm)<100m, ±[2% of reading +20cm]100m


0.01m<100m, 0.1m100m

Impedance Selection

Automatic output impedance control

Cable Library

20 standard cable types

Memory Location

99 for custom cable types

Connector Type


Accessories: 2 x AA batteries, USB cable, CD, gift box with carrying case.

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