Alcohol Tester
DT-800A is simple to use, rapid response tester that are used to determine whether or not a person has any alcohol in their breath. They use the fuel cell sensor, so the reading is impossible to be affected by anything in the subject's breath other than alcohol.
DT-800A is with red and blue backlit alarm for drunkenness.
iAlcotest software
for Alcohol Tester
Meterbox iAlcotest software allows to display the real time
blowing pressure and alcohol concentration, the digital
readings and user interface color will be changed according
to the blowing pressure and alcohol concentration


Fuel cell sensor is high accuracy and reliability

Short warm up time, fast response and recovery time

Magnificent man-machine interaction interface

Real time reading display

Two stages acousto-optic alarm for drink and drunkenness

Auto power off under lack of pressure

Refuse test and interruption indication

Five detection unit selectable (mg/L, mg/100ml,g/L,%BAC,‰BAC), Alarm level adjustable

Disposable backflow blowing nozzle design, safety and health

High capacity rechargeable battery power

Multinational drunk driving alarm threshold selection

Red and blue backlit alarm

Size (H x W x D): 240mm x 160mm x 100mm

Weight: 584g


Detection range

0.000mg/L ~1.500mg/L




C<0.400 : ±0.020mg/L 0.400≤C<1.000 : ±5% C≥1.000 : ±20%


C<0.400 : 0.007mg/L 0.400≤C<1.000 : 1.75% C≥1.000 : 6%

Calibration cycle

6 months

Operation temperature range

0 ~ 50ºC

Storage temperature range

-10 ~ 60ºC

Breath flow continuity

3s (flow: >20L/min)

Working voltage

7.4V (Rechargeable battery)

Accessories: 3.7V Li battery, power adaptor, gift box with carrying case.

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