Automotive Relay Tester
Quickly and accurately test 3 terminal electro-mechanical relays for many domestic and imported automobiles. The Automotive relay tester will interrogate and identify an unknown relay terminal configuration then self configure its own internal circuitry to perform all required test functions automatically. The Automotive relay tester can be used to perform the following tests: coil resistance, surge supression device (resistor or diode), open/closed contact integrity, contact cyclic testing for intermittent failure detection, loaded contact continuity, relay contacts stuck open or closed and time to contact closure and opening. Unit automatically indicates test results with a series on red, green and yellow performance lights.

Size(HxWxD): 128mm x 68mm x 30mm

Weight: 185g


Coil Resistance

20 to 500 ohms (includes any parallel transient supression resistors)

Coil Test Voltage

9 Volts

Contact Resistance Threshold

200 Milliohms


One 9V battery, clamshell

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