Automotive Multimeters
AT-9950DIS/9950T/AT-950A/950B are very versatile automotive meters and can be used for many different diagnostic works on car and truck. Many functions are offered for your choice.
AT-9950DIS/9950T: RPM (RPM 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke mode active) measurements for automotive engines with the Inductive Pickup
AT-950B: RPM measurement for automotive engines with the inductive Pickup
AT-950A: RPM measurements for automotive engines with the test leads
Read pulse duty cycle and dwell angle for electronic fuel injection feedback carburetors and ignition

Size(HxWxD): AT-9950DIS/9950T : 189mm x 91mm x 31.5mm

AT-950A/AT-950B : 209mm x 43mm x 30mm

Weight: AT-9950DIS/9950T : 280g

AT-950A/AT-950B : 200g


9V Battery, Rubber holster and Inductive pick-up(except AT-950A)

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