Socket Polarity and Earth Leakage Tester
DT-906A is a professional socket tester with modern, ergonomic and durable design, to test the safety of installed mains socket.
DT-906A also checks 30mA RCDs, a unique soft-touch button tests that an RCD in the circuit trips within 300ms when a nominal 30mA earth fault current is applied; a further button, the earth volts touchpad, detects raised earth voltages above 50V AC, thus indicating potentially dangerous installations. Three vivid bicolour LEDs and a buzzer on 906A provide a quick-to-check combination of signals which indicate correct wiring, missing earth, live/neutral reverse, earth/live reverse, missing neutaral, live faults, and those errors detected by the two pushbutton tests.

Size(HxWxD): 69mm x 67mm x 32mm

Weight: 80g

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