Infrared selection and use of the process should pay attention to matters

2016-04-21 20:40:05

Infrared camera with high sensitivity detection can replace it at a relatively harsh environment. Not only improves the efficiency of improved accuracy, the following CEM professionals for everyone to talk briefly about the matters in the selection and use of infrared imaging process should be noted:

In the selection process: Infrared Hotline instrument is mainly measured temperature, and then the formation of the infrared spectrum. Each model has its own infrared camera temperature measurement range, therefore, the choice, have to clear the measured object temperature range, according to the range to choose their own infrared camera.

During the measurement: infrared camera can replace people in harsh environment testing, the same harsh environments can consume the life of infrared cameras in the use of thermal imager, it is best to take some of the thermal imager Safeguard. Environment is too harsh, humans can not directly detect infrared camera can we rely on. We use, we should try to avoid the impact on the environment, help the device to take some protective measures, such as the use of some protective cover provided by the manufacturer, to the appearance of the device put on a protective cover, reduce the influence from the environment. In addition to the device itself is protected, and we will also improve the environmental quality of the measurements, you can use water cooling to reduce the ambient temperature, reduce the severity of the environment. Therefore, the temperature is too high over the measuring range will cause damage to the equipment measurement accuracy. Therefore, we need to give it a suitable measurement environment.