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CEM (everbest) is a set of professional development, design, production and marketing of various measuring instruments of high-tech enterprises. Founded 28 years, the brand is committed overseas promotion, production of infrared thermometer, the body thermometer, laser range finder, a video device, professional environment tester, phase switch socket polarity tester check line, volume meter, noise meter, ph...learn more >>

New products

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  • DT-9989

    Professional True RMS Industrial Multimeter/Oscilloscope...

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  • DT-3380/3381/3382/3383

    The DT-3380 series clamp meters offer all needed features...

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  • DT-6650

    Multifunction Installation Tester DT-6650 rugged Multifunction...

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  • DT-156/156H

    Dual Technology Features Automatic Selection of Magnetic...

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  • DT-820/820B/821/822

    DT-820/820B/821/822/ Series mini IR Thermometers provide...

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  • DT-968/969

    DT-968/969 PM2.5 Air Quality Detector DT-968/969 are... ...

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  • DT-8870 Series

    Professional InfraRed Thermometers with Multipoint Laser...

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  • DT-370

    Heavy Duty 200A AC Open-Jaw Clamp Meter DT-370 clamp...

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